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Facets of charms: a Pinterest collage (and Rene Lalique)

To celebrate Another Side of Destiny being available for free, I thought I’d link to the little Pinterest page I’ve made for myself, to collect charms.

I don’t know whether it’s because I love them, but what looks most like the charms of the Lands to me are pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry, and Rene Lalique jewelry in particular.

I think it’s because the jewelry is so often beautiful versions of natural things, like flowers and leaves and butterfly wings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my virtual collection. I’ll be adding to it over time.


All stories are wishes. All wishes, stories.

“All stories are wishes. All wishes, stories.”

Found on several clay tablets from the Lands, it probably served as a proverb on the use of charms. I like it some much, I’ve decided to use it for the subtitle of this blog.

The very best charm for the royal baby

Hmm.  If I could give one of their charms to the royal baby, what would be the best charm and what would be the best wish?

I’d love to do that.

Happy to hear your comments, but not of the “curse” variety 🙂 Bad fairies please comment elsewhere! 🙂 This wish would be for the baby: a wish that he or she could make in the future to make a dream come true, or to prevent a nightmare.