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Facets of Chloe: a Pinterest collage

Chloe is the heroine of the new, short tale, Squire Chloe’s Demon.

I’m collecting a Pinterest board together for “Facets of Chloe“. As for my other “facets” boards, this isn’t how Chloe actually looked, but I think each of these pictures captures a little bit of how she looked – a facet.


Facets of Alia: a Pinterest collage

Alia, is the heroine of the new, novel-length tale, My Joy Charm. I think of her as having two looks: the on-duty look, and off-duty, casual Alia. Though, of course, both Alia’s are always wearing charms.

I’ve collected a couple of Pinterest boards together for “Facets of Alia”. As for my other “facets” boards, this isn’t how Alia actually looked, but I think each of these pictures captures a little bit of how she looked – a facet.

The first one is for “off-duty” Alia. I hope you enjoy it.

Facets of charms: a Pinterest collage (and Rene Lalique)

To celebrate Another Side of Destiny being available for free, I thought I’d link to the little Pinterest page I’ve made for myself, to collect charms.

I don’t know whether it’s because I love them, but what looks most like the charms of the Lands to me are pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry, and Rene Lalique jewelry in particular.

I think it’s because the jewelry is so often beautiful versions of natural things, like flowers and leaves and butterfly wings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my virtual collection. I’ll be adding to it over time.

Facets of ellen: a pinterest collage

In Wattpad when you upload a tale, you can assign a “character”.  I really didn’t understand that to start off with, but what it means is that you can assign an actor to play the role – in some future movie of the tale – and his or her picture then appears next to the story.

This really didn’t work for me. I found it jarring. For Clay for Ellen, Ellen is Ellen, and Anas is Anas, and Ellen isn’t Jennifer Lawrence (to pick a very popular Wattpad choice) :-). To be honest, no actor reminds me of Ellen.

But with the wonders of the internet, I can collect images which remind me of Ellen.  they’re not Ellen of course, and no one of the pictures is fully her. The best way I can describe it is that they are “facets” of Ellen: little parts of Ellen in each picture.  If you put them all together, it might be a collage of Ellen. Except for her glamour. I can’t find anything that looks like that (and I’ve been looking).

I’ve been collecting a few images on a private Pinterest board “Facets of Ellen“, which I’ve now made public.  Please feel to take a look if you are interested. And yes there is quite a lot of Etsy :-).

Pinterest – “seeing” facets of the lands

What a lovely thing Pinterest is, though perhaps a little too lovely: easy to spend too much time there. 🙂

I’ve started two boards on Pinterest: one called simply “Rings”, where I’ve been pinning antique… rings.  The other is “Views of the World”, where I’m pinning pictures that speak to me of something awe-inspiring about the world.

Or worlds.

Because what I want to pin are images that remind me of the Lands.

The images I’m selecting are those which resonate with ones that live in my mind. Before Pinterest I had no way – aside from words – of letting them out, not having an artistic bone in my fingers – so thanks Pinterest!

If you want to look for them, you can find the both under my name.  Not too much there yet, but I’m pinning more.