Squire Chloe’s Demon

Squire Chloe’s Demon: A tale of wishes

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** My name is Chloe. I leave this record of the spirit, so the Temple and the city will know how the demon came to the City of the Sun. **
It’s written that a demon takes three seals before it returns below the Abyss. One, it already has. In the darkness of the sleeping city, a squire defends a second. The third seal would be Chloe’s.
A short story of wishes and charms, from the Lands of the Sweet Waters.

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Reviewers comments:

  • “Enjoyed reading this short tale of bravery, fear, and choices. Chloe’s bravery and final choice is something I wonder if everyone would do? Read and make your own choice! (Five stars)” [Kobo reviewer]
  • “I really felt for Chloe, in the perilous situation she’s in. Very good.” [Smashwords reviewer]
  • “A beautifully written short fantasy, of a culture in which the men of the Temple were mystics and priests, the women warriors clad in bronze armor, and both had access, through charms they wore, to magic and glamours. Certain of the charms, though, bore a fascination for unembodied demons… “ [Googe Play reviewer]
  • “Amazing!!” “Great!!” “Cool!” “Nice” [Google Play reviewers]

All stories are wishes. All wishes, stories.