Clay for Ellen – A tale of charms and glamours

Clay for Ellen: A tale of charms and glamours

** My name is Anas. I leave this record of the spirit, in trust with the Temple. Please, send this to Ellen, should anything happen to me. **
Anas waits on a quiet shopping street of the evening city, hoping to catch a face. But what if a face catches him?
A short, short story of charms and glamours, from the Lands of the Sweet Waters.

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Reviewers comments:

  • “I was captivated.” “The premise of this book is unusual, but it suits. The characters are well drawn. It was easy to immerse myself in this book. I read a lot and very quickly, so it is a challenge to keep finding new material. This will be a series to take camping.” [From an Amazon review]
  • “Ok, now I’m intrigued!” [From an Amazon review]
  • “I know I wanted more.” [From an Amazon review]
  • “This story grew on me as I read further into the piece.  Fantastical world; a world with magic charms, and people hiding behind the glamours.” “I did like the glamour and underlying theme of outer vs. inner beauty. I think it was that, that made me want to read on, the most. This is only one story in the author’s Tales from the Lands series, so I’m hoping the other stories can and will expand what this one didn’t explore.” [From an Amazon review]
  • A wonderful story about love at first sight and looking past appearances. A little bit if a cliffhanger at the end. I would love to see this story continued. [From a Smashwords Review]

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