Another Side of Destiny – A tale of fate and choices

Another Side of Destiny: A tale of fate and choices

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** My name is Emily. I leave this record of the spirit hoping it is never read. **
Emily has a secret she dare not tell her husband, one she won’t even confide to the shades of her parents. For Emily desires a gift more precious than charms, and more valuable than silver. But to make it hers, Emily must challenge fate.
A short-story length tale of fate and destiny from the Lands of the Sweet Waters.

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Reviewers comments:

  • I enjoyed this book. It captured me right away. I tried to read slowly because I didn’t want it to end. ‘Tales from the Lands’ will help pass the time this summer.” [From an Amazon review]
  • Beautifully written.” “More and more curious about this fascinating world.” [From an Amazon review]
  • Short, sweet and interesting.” [From an Amazon review]
  • A beautiful story about love and choices.” “Thanks.” [From a Smashwords review]

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