Top 1000 free on Amazon- thanks!

Just to say thanks for yesterday! On its second free day in the Kindle store, My Joy Charm managed to break into the Amazon top 1000 in all books! (Top 10 in its genre.)

Can I just say, “Thanks!” That’s much more than I was expecting!  If you’re one of the many downloaders, I hope you’re enjoying it, and please leave a review 🙂 .

My Joy Charm has 3 days left free on Amazon: USUKCA, and AU.

Whilst you’re on Amazon, you might also like to check out the short story Squire Chloe’s Demon which is permanently free (USUK, CA and AU) – and takes place before the events of My Joy Charm.

My Joy Charm: A tale of charms and wishes, swords and desires

My name is Alia. I try to leave these words, in the hope that–.