A reminder “My Joy Charm” free on Amazon Kindle from tomorrow

 A reminder. My Joy Charm – will be free for the Amazon Kindle from 23rd October through to the weekend. I hope you enjoy it, and, if you do, please review it. Available now on Amazon: USUKCA, and AU.

Whilst you’re on Amazon, you might also like to check out the short story Squire Chloe’s Demon which is permanently free (USUK, CA and AU).

My Joy Charm: A tale of charms and wishes, swords and desires

My name is Alia. I try to leave these words, in the hope that–.

Alia has been a page of the Temple for two moons. She’s deft with a sword, but despairs of ever mastering glamours, let alone more powerful charms. Doubts eat at her. Does she have the true calling, or is she fated to fail? It’s easier to daydream of her charming man, and how they’ll fashion her joy charm together, than to face-up to her future.

But an old evil has returned to the City of the Sun, and Alia’s joy is not what it wants. If she’s to survive, Alia will need the few friends she’s made. But whom can she trust, when Temple friends so easily turn into enemies? And how can she tell friend from foe, when all hide their true selves behind the falseness of glamours?

My Joy Charm can be read as a stand-alone, short novel, and read as the prologue to Charm Counter Charm. You may enjoy My Joy Charm more, if you’ve previously read the short tale, Squire Chloe’s Demon – currently free for most e-book readers. This story contains adult themes.

Available now on Amazon: USUKCA, and AU.