Charm Counter Charm (Part 1) – in Kindle Unlimited

Charm Counter Charm (Part 1) is now available in Kindle Unlimited in the USA. Which means you can read it for free, if you are a subscriber. It can be downloaded from: Amazon US, UK, CA, and AU. The first part is now available.

I hope you enjoy it.

Charm Counter Charm 

My name is Laila. I’m told I possess something the unwise call destiny, though the wise name it not.

My path takes me to the City of the Sun, where my intended awaits me. But there, I will find friendship too. One unlike any I’ve ever known. One that will change the path of my life forever.

For the old drama of the lands is re-awakening; its players: acolyte and anointed, father and brother, page and squire; its weapons: bronze and mail, deceit and friendship, and the song of charm and counter charm.

And, in the City of the Sun, a game of destinies will begin, though the pieces know it not, nor do they suspect how deadly the game will become.