My Joy Charm – in Kindle Unlimited

My Joy Charm: a short, novel-length tale (~100 pages) is now available in Kindle Unlimited in the USA. Which means you can read it for free, if you are a subscriber. It’s available in Kindle Unlimited from Amazon: US, and in Amazon Prime in the UK, CA, and AU.

I hope you enjoy it.

My Joy Charm: A tale of charms and wishes, swords and desires

** My name is Alia. I leave this record, that one day, God willing, my friends might hear my story. **
I want to fashion my joy charm, but something has returned to the city, something not seen for many years, and my joy is not what it wants.

My Joy Charm can be read as a separate short novel, or read as the prologue to Charm Counter Charm. This novel contains adult themes.