Charm Counter Charm – the prologue. Now on Amazon

To set the mood for the upcoming launch of Charm Counter Charm later this month, the prologue to Charm Counter Charm is now available from Amazon. It can be downloaded from: Amazon USUKCA, and AU.

Ssssh. It’s a secret, but the same prologue is available for free on Wattpad. Don’t tell anyone! 🙂 Enjoy! Oh and if you enjoy it please review it.

Charm Counter Charm

A young woman rides towards the Inner Gift. She possesses something the unwise call destiny, though the wise name it not. God and her intended await her, and those who would foretell her path, in the movements of the stars and the suppleness of cooling flesh.

And so the old drama of the Lands reawakens; its players: acolyte and anointed, father and brother, page and squire; its weapons: bronze and mail, deceit and friendship, and the song of charm and counter charm.

This tale contains adult themes.