Factes of Alia – Alia in armor: a Pinterest collage

Alia, is the heroine of the new, novel-length tale, My Joy Charm. I recently made a Pinterest collage of ‘facets’ of her look (“off-duty” Alia). Now I’ve added one for her “on-duty” look. It’s been more difficult to find pictures that have Alia’s on-duty look. The armor she wore was made up of a shirt and leggings of leather scales, over a felt under-layer (made from compressed wool), with accessories of knee boots, bracers (like large, leather wrist bands), finger-less gloves, and then her weapons and charms. Easy to find pictures like this? Well, if a woman’s skin could be armor, then I’d have had no trouble 🙂 , and there are a lot of pictures of chain mail bikinis; that or armor for women, with holes in very strange places, like directly above the heart. Reading what modern day armor-makers say – because armor is still made, for example, for re-enactment societies – it would be hard to tell the difference between armor made for a man or a woman. This is because armor is worn in layers, so the force of a blow doesn’t transmit through to your body, bruise you ,and break your bones. So authentic women’s armor is not exactly form fitting – sorry guys :). Probably the most practically attired ‘fighting woman’ on the Internet is Brienne of Tarth from the Game of Thrones series. But Brienne is wearing plate metal armor (and even that has ridges on it – which seem to be a ‘no no’ in reality – weapons catch too easily on them). No one in Alia’s time wore armor like this, for the good reason that  it didn’t exist 🙂 . The other thing I can’t find – but  didn’t expect to because it’s completely out of fashion – is anything like pictures of armor with charms tied onto it. Alia and her fellow pages tied charms to the outside of their armor to protect their armor from harm, and so themselves inside it. Charm bracelets and necklaces are in fashion now, but that is how Alia and her friends wore their body charms (the charms that directly protect their bodies from, or warned of, harm). So, as before, here are ‘Facets of Alia‘ in armor. As with my other ‘facets’ boards, this isn’t how Alia actually looked, but I think each of these pictures captures a little bit of how she looked – a facet. I hope you enjoy it.