My Joy Charm – an Amazon Kindle Serial – Episode One: “For those you meet will have it, and they will cut you with it”

I was chatting away about having fun staring to serialize episodes of My Joy Charm on Wattpad – and the wonderful feeling of starting to publish an entire small novel – and then I was asked, “And are you going to serialize it on Amazon?”

“Oh no,” I said, confidently, “I’ll put the whole tale up on Amazon when it’s finished. I couldn’t serialize it on Amazon, because–”

And then thought, And why not?

I could put up the first episode, and then, each time a new episode is ready, upload the new version in place of the old, until the full novella is available to readers.

But I would have to let readers know that there will be five more updates, and let them know each time there is an update.

So… I’ve done it 🙂 . Episode One: “For those you meet will have it, and they will cut you with it”, is now available from all good Amazon stores near you, including: US, UK, CA, and AU.

The downside of this could be that I annoy someone who thinks that they’re downloading the full novella, when – for the next month or so – they’re not. I’ve tried to head this off by writing in detail in the book description how this serialization should work, and I’m hoping that’s enough.