Kindle top 100 charts – a little new year stock-taking

I uploaded Another Side of Destiny the second short tale from the Lands of the Sweet waters onto Amazon on the 21st December and blogged about it here. I’d always planned to ask Amazon to make it free to download as soon as possible: so I asked for the 23rd and 24th December (Amazon allow five days every three months) and I blogged about it here on the 22nd.

I don’t really know what I was expecting.  Yes I do: I was expecting silence: no downloads, no nothing.

Results: not quite what I expected -:)

In Amazon UK Another Side of Destiny went straight into the top 100 free in epic fantasy, peaking in the top fifties. It stayed there all the way through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  After which it couldn’t be in the free charts anymore. Clay for Ellen – the first short tale – also bobbed about in the top 100 epic fantasy on and off over those days.

In Amazon Canada Another Side of Destiny went straight into the top 100 free in epic fantasy, peaking in the top twenties and stayed there through to Christmas Day.

In Amazon US Another Side of Destiny spent all of Christmas eve in the top free 100 in epic fantasy.

Most other books in the top 100 are full novels, so I am amazed at this result.  Even more amazed, because I didn’t try to publicize it in any other way. I don’t really now how. So… it was all down to the readers of this blog. For which, as we start 2014, Thank You! 🙂

Another Side of Destiny is downloadable (no longer for free) from: Amazon US, UK and Canada and Australia.