Happy New Year – what’s to come in 2014 from Tales from the Lands?

Happy New Year everyone!  What a great year the old one was!

A little about what’s to come from the Tales from the Lands of the Sweet Waters in 2014.

In early January, My Joy Charm should be published.  This will be the longest translation published so far – but still a short tale at about 35 pages. As before I’ll ask those nice Amazon people to make it free. Watch this space for when those free days will be.

Then later in the year – notice I’m not committing myself to a date it’s ready when it’s ready 🙂 –  it will be time to publish the first big translation I’ve been working on during 2013.  This comes in at brick-sized, so it’s been a lot of work. Watch this space for that too.

Wishing you a great 2014!!!