Two new tales coming soon to Amazon

Wow it’s a long time since I blogged. BUT… I have been working HARD on the tales. Two translations of short tales are almost ready for publication. And I’ve started work on a much bigger tale, a long novel-length one, for which I have a rough first draft.

Two updates today.
First, though I tried to give away my first short tale free on Amazon I never managed it. No idea why. Sometimes Amazon make it free, because its free elsewhere. Sometimes not. It’s been down-loaded quite a few times (which is lovely) from Barnes and Noble and from Smashwords, where it is free, so people are reading it. BUT Amazon is the biggest store-front by far, and would have meant more people could have read it. (One person did buy it on I’m impressed that they bought a two-thousand word short story, with no publicity.  Thank you.)
So, I’ve decided to make the next two stories only available on Amazon. Isn’t that ironic? This way I can definitely make them free, for a few days each month, and they’ll always be free to Amazon Prime customers. I’ll advertise here when they will be free, so Kindle owners can know when to download them. I hope you enjoy them.
Second update new cover art! This is for the next short tale. If you like the art work, please press like :). It would be nice for my artist to have the positive feedback. The art work, as all cover art will be, is of a charm. Not the charm you might think , from the title.