Be careful what you wish for – the top 10 perfect wishes

In the Lands, when people wish on a charm they can only wish for one thing, because charms are usually enchanted to only cast one enchantment. Well, people can touch a charm and wish for whatever they like, but unless they wish for what that charm can do, nothing happens.

But what if you could find the charm that made anything you wanted come true? What would you wish for? And how would you, very, very carefully, ask for it? Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.

Here’s an answer, from the Open-Source Wish Project. They set out to find the perfect wishes. What were they?

See below: *

  1. Wish To Be Rich / Wish For Lots Of Money
  2. Wish For Immortality
  3. Wish For World Peace
  4. Wish To Return A Loved One From The Dead
  5. Wish To Find One’s True Love
  6. Wish For Unlimited Sexual Encounters
  7. Wish For Happiness
  8. Wish For Omniscience
  9. Wish For Subjective Time Control
  10. Wish For Omnipotence

We all want to be rich and immortal, but it’s nice to see World Peace get a look in. Though perhaps being rich and immortal in a world torn apart by war isn’t much fun.

Curiously, no one has commented on a wish since August 2009, so either that list really is all the perfected wishes, or we all stopped wishing for things around about then…?

* I’ve decided the number of replies the site had for each wish, means how important people think each wish is. Hey it’s my blog, and I can decide that if I like 🙂