“Interview with an author” – wherein I talk to myself

Smashwords have started “interviews with the author” in which the author is invited to interview themselves.  The author writes the answers and the questions.  This is an interview that I think even I can pass 🙂

I have something very similar right at the start of my blog, so I’ve used that for my Smashwords interview (and corrected most of my original typos).

It starts like this:

What’s your project?

To publish translations of tales from the Lands of the Sweet Waters

Where is that?

I’d rather not go into that.  That’s my name, by the way, we don’t know what they called their land, or even if they had a name.

Why don’t you want to say?

I’d rather not go into that, either.

Translations, you say.  Of what?

Clay tablets, and… other things.

Clay tablets?  Fascinating.

Very, very, old clay tablets., perhaps as older than five thousand years, with stories written on them of some of the lives of a very ancient civilization, with people very like us, but in a different world.

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