From clay to kindle

The first tale from the lands of the sweet waters is published! I hope you enjoy it!

So now, in a small way, I’m self published, an indie, etc. etc. Phew!

Clay for Ellen went live on Smashwords yesterday. As promised, for free 🙂

It’s a short-story length tale, which is how I chose to start with the translations, and to dip my toe into the water of ebooks.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I’ve been building up to this moment for a while, and you might guess I found it a little bit tense to finally press the button (actually, buttons: there were a lot of them!). You’d be right!

And now the important bit: how to find the tale:

It’s free to read online at Smashwords: please scroll down the story’s page and select “view”. It’s also free to download at Smashwords for several ebook viewers including for the iPad/iPhone and Kobo: select the download you need. (Please don’t ask me how you then transfer it to your tablet or phone after downloading it – I don’t know.)

Smashwords are also “considering” it for their “Premium Catalogue”, which seems to mean they would send it out to the IBooks store etc., so it might soon be directly downloadable from those stores.

Smashwords don’t (yet) directly send things out to Amazon. But I have also made it available on Amazon (a lot more buttons needed pressing). It’s not for free, because Amazon don’t like free. But if you absolutely have to read a version downloaded from Amazon, for your Kindle, and you have 99 cents burning a hole in your pocket, then it it’s here. 99 cents is the lowest price Amazon (US) allow (my story page has the links to UK and Canada Amazons: where it’s also not free).

And finally, to repeat, I hope you enjoy it! And if you like it, please review it 🙂