Second Commandment: Though shalt have cover art for thine book*

To publish, it seems you need a cover illustration; it’s almost a commandment.

I thought about picturing a woman or a man on the cover, but from what they wore in the lands, the cover would end up too brooding-generic-epic-fantasy. You know the type: the cloaked stranger, purposeful yet mysterious, etc., etc. And there are a lot of those types of covers.

Then I thought, what I really need on the cover is a picture of a net of charms (you’ll see why if you read the tale).

Great! It would be original. Only:

  • I don’t have too much detail about what a net of charms looked like;
  • It sounds really hard to draw or paint;
  • I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!

But luckily there is an artist in the family. (She doesn’t think she is, but I do.) I showed her tale and asked her, and she offered to draw the charm net.

So… the tale is almost finished. The cover art is almost complete (I’ll be previewing it here when it is).

Wow, I’m almost running out of excuses not to publish 🙂

*It seems the first commandment is “Though Shalt not Bore”.