Holidays and the re-assessed life

I guess there must be lots of blog posts about returning from holidays right now.

And here is mine 🙂

The break from routine is a great time to reassess.  Important things become less important, don’t they?  What we thought we really had to do, do we have to do it? Is life about what we thought it was about?  What should our lives be about?

Why haven’t we won the lottery yet? 🙂

It seems to happen naturally for lots of us, this reassessment: certainly, for me, every big holiday.  I guess going to work isn’t my natural state of being? What is?

Okay… this blog is about Tales from the Lands, so what am I rambling on about?

Well, I need to get on and publish them, that’s what I take from this holiday.  What use is what I am doing, if the translations stay in my computer and in my head, and no one else ever gets to read them?


New-life’s resolution: publish the first tale.  Soon.

Please, watch this space!