Their charms – not like ours: Charms made to touch and wish on

I’ve been trying to picture their charms.

One thing is for sure, they weren’t too much like modern charms.

Few were metal, and of those that were, most were of bronze; they never used gold and hardly any silver. Some were made of glass. Many were shaped by crafts-people from natural materials, like rock crystal.

Modern charms, like Thomas Sabo and Pandora, are designed to be seen.  The charms of the Lands were made by people to be touched and to be seen.

I think this comes from the way people used charms. It’s important to know you are touching the right charm when you make a wish, especially if the time you have for wishing is very short.

Shapes were often faceted or spiky. Many charms were shaped like small, natural objects: leaf charms were very common.

Although they made less – what we might call – abstract-shaped charms, their charm makers were very creative.

A charm might be a leaf, but it could look like no leaf that’s ever existed in the world.